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From a football team to a global brand

2018-05-09 15:53:08
The history of Juventus Football Club is legendary with not only success on the pitch, but also brave decision-making off it. The European super Club and Serie A champions have launched a new logo and visual identity, marking the beginning of a new era for the Club which will encompass a brand licensing program with global ambitions.

1 July 2015

On 1st July 2015, Brand, Licensing and Retail activities began to be managed directly by Juventus Football Club. During these first two years of Juventus has substantially revised its licensee portfolio, consolidating its home market in Italy, and beginning an ambitious international development program, that today numbers more than 100 licensees worldwide with key products categories already covered. Thanks to the commitment of Juventus to maintain high quality standards and to create more and more appealing designs, it was possible to meet ever-growing demand from their fans. However, it was not enough.

The principal objective of Juventus is to grow in terms of presence and influence and to expand the business side of the Club, through a series of radically innovative brand extension initiatives, targeting both Bianconeri (black and white) fans all over the world, as well as casual football fans.

Football speaks an increasingly universal language. And in such a global sector, Juventus believes it is vital that they stay ahead of sporting, social and economic changes in order to maintain a leading role. Juventus has embraced the dynamics of the modern game and is determined to be a key player in future changes.

It is for this reason that, in January 2017, the Club announced a new visual identity and has taken on a style with a more profound meaning. In line with the Club’s values, Juventus will offer a range of unique experiences which are aimed at its passionate fans but also relevant to a broader audience. This will enable the club to sustain its sporting, commercial and cultural development.

The Black and White and More initiative is a comprehensive strategy designed to convey the Club’s uncompromising philosophy of striving for excellence.

Though football will be the inspiration, it will not be limited to the game.
The entire Club – including the sporting area – will be involved in transforming Black and White and More into an established force that fans and the wider public can enjoy on a daily basis. Black and White and More will spread the “Juventus way”. They do not want people to merely see the team perform on the pitch, but fully experience the true spirit of the Club.

Every element of the Black and White and More program will encompass the Club’s new brand and visual identity.

The result of a bold, uncompromising approach, it turns the sport’s traditional style on its head and sets about blazing a new trail. It is an iconic, simple design centered around sharp lines.

1 July 2017
The new logo, officially in use from July 1st, 2017, represents the very essence of Juventus: the distinctive stripes of the playing jersey, the Scudetto (shield) – the symbol of victory – and the iconic J for Juventus. These three elements make up the DNA of the Club. The black and white stripes are the defining image of the new visual identity and can be adapted to fit any setting. The Scudetto represents the Club’s determination to strive for victory, now and forever. And finally, the J – that most distinctive of initials – occupies a special place in the heart of every fan, not least Giovanni Agnelli, stand-out figure in Juventus scenario and current President Andrea Agnelli’s uncle: “I get excited every time I see a word beginning with J in the papers.” The new logo brings these three elements together into a unique, universal symbol capable of representing not just a football club, but an identity, a sense of belonging, a philosophy. It is a logo for the modern age in that it conveys its message effectively on any physical or digital format. Most importantly of all, however, is the way the new logo boldly leaves behind the accepted wisdom of classic football badges to blaze its own trail.

Armed with a new logo, brand guide and global ambition, Juventus is poised to delve into an even wider brand licensing program including a range of product categories and products readily available both online and at brick and mortar retailers. “The retail world has been very enthusiastic about the change and we have found interest from some retailers that were never part of the football world. With the new visual identity it will be important to explore new distribution channels and more extensive and ongoing contacts with retailers. We will endeavor to work on new targets without forgetting our domestic market and continuing our international development.” noted by Luca Montesion, Licensing Executive Juventus.

Juventus aims to give its brand a wider and more profound meaning, turning it into a true identity and style. Of course, this has meant a significant improvement to the licensing side of the Club’s business. A new style-guide has been launched, inspired by three key assets of the new Juventus identity: logo, colors and typography. It is all about the contrast of dark and lights and bold graphics are combined with geometric elements that reflect the new uncompromised Juventus identity.  Licensees and products are already benefitting from this and very positive vibes are also coming from overseas.

“Refreshing our product lines with the new Juventus logo, artwork and packaging has helped a great deal” said Jeffrey Whalen, CEO of EDGE America Sports. “It was a bold move for the Club and one that we here in the United States thought might take some doing to explain. Nothing could have been further from the truth. For example, during the Club’s summer tour across the USA we saw firsthand fans everywhere sporting the new logo at matches and looking, quite frankly, very cool. I think the new Juventus branding statement and the drive to become a major worldwide sporting brand will drive our growth this football season and Juventus will continue to be a leader in our EDGE Americas Sports licensing portfolio.”

In last two years, Juventus has considerably increased its presence globally, signing an agreement with two important representatives outside Europe:  EDGE Americas Sports, for American territories, and IMG, for APAC territories.

Signing a multi-year representation agreement with IMG in 2016 has seen Juventus significantly expand its licensing program and brand across the Asia Pacific region, partnered with new licensees in Japan, China and Australia, spanning a range of categories including apparel, luggage, car and fashion accessories, fan merchandise, game cards and stationary.

Marcelo Cordeiro, Licensing Director, IMG, said: “We have had a hugely successful run of signings in our first year working with Juventus, driving the brand into a diverse range of categories and reaching new global audiences. Juventus has become one of the biggest names in world football with their outstanding performance and record-breaking success on the pitch. The unveiling of the club’s new logo and identity presents many new opportunities for Juventus and we are excited to continue growing their licensing business and brand in the Asia Pacific region.”

When you consider that worldwide retail sales of licensed sports products amount to $25.298 billion in 2017, licensing is fast becoming an area of major growth for European Clubs in general, and Juventus in particular. Such is the success of licensing as a route to grow a fan/customer base, differentiation and revenue, that Juventus is just one of the many leading European sports organizations growing their programs. Some are heading to Asia, the U.S and beyond in a bid to further raise awareness of their brands.

Officially licensed fan products are now under license through several strategic licensees from New York to Los Angeles, Mexico City and Sao Paulo and Juventus is continuing the expansion into the Far East and Australia through targeted and specific activities across the territories.

“In these past twelve months leading up to the start of the 2017-2018 football season, our licensing business with Juventus has grown by leaps and bounds” noted Jeffrey Whalen, CEO of EDGE America Sports. “We were delighted to discover the brand has fans everywhere, from Argentina north to Canada and across the Americas. Our first approach to the market was to put strategic licensing deals in place in key categories. Deals are now in place in apparel, headwear, bags, gifts & novelties to name a few. These deals and the licensees behind them, are the foundation for new agreements that have been signed in the past ninety days as well as others in the pipeline.”

Juve’s future is one in which the club sets out to broaden its horizons to an ever-expanding audience, who recognize the Bianconeri’s ability to change the way people perceive football brands, while transmitting the true spirit and DNA of Juventus - not just a football team, but a sports and entertainment icon.

(Source: Total Licensing)

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